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Accounting Service


A professional accounting team, with international experience will bring you high end expert service. We take care of everything, from book keeping, archiving, accounting, tax consulting and taking care of you accounts.
We offer a 24 hour line for consulting free of charge. Our service is highly confidential as our client list.

Accounting System & Process Implementation

We analyse your financial framework and understand the specific needs of your business. With our expertise in the field, we suggest the best accounting systems to be implemented to reduce the unnecessary paperwork and ease the overall bookkeeping. Once you decide upon an accounting system, we appoint our best individuals to get the process of implementation started and complete it with precision. We train your staff to be competent with the system and make use of it most efficiently.

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CFO Service mjk Accounting

CFO Services

A CFO focuses on making your organization more valuable to shareholders and increasing the return on your business. CFOs do this by forecasting cash flow, optimizing cost centers, managing corporate capital accounts, and introducing high-value processes.
This means more cash, increased profit margins, and more opportunities for your company.

Accounting System Migration

There are times when you realise that your existing accounting system is unable to keep up with the amount of data being generated every day of your business. Upgrading seems to be the best option. We help you migrate your records and data to the new system smoothly without any delays. Customizing the accounting system to best suit all your business needs and configuring it with the historic data of the company is what we excel at. We make the complete migration process smooth and hassle-free enabling your staff to work productively.